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Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

How to make an authentic Green Curry



4 g Chilli Red
5 ml Coconut Milk (small tins)
150 g Cooked Wok Chicken
250 g Sauce TL Thai Green 2K
35 g Thai Tana Apple Aubergine
5 g Batch prepare Thai sweet basil
48 g Courgette
25 g Beans Fine


Thai Green Curry


1. Prep the chicken slice boiling water until a core temperature of 75°C is achieved then cool rapidly within 90 minutes under 8°C. refrigerate in a labelled airtight container in the correct area of the fridge with the other RTE foods below 5°C Prep the green curry sauce as per the TLG prep spec card Prep courgettes with serrated peeler, half lengthways and slice at 45° angle Slice the chillies and the baby aubergines

2. Heat the wok add the green curry sauce to boil add chicken,the courgette, baby aubergines, basil and red chilli cook until a minimum core temperature of 75°C achieved Check the temperature using clean sanitized food probe. Serve the curry into a bowl and garnish with the remainder of the basil, red chilli , and coconut milk.