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Thai Fishcakes

Our authentic and delicious Thai recipes from Chaophraya are all made by Khun Kim, our owner. We want to give you the opportunity to try a few in the comfort of your own home.

Traditional style spicy fish cakes blended with our special recipe of green beans, lime leaves and red curry.  These are slightly different from your usual English fishcakes with potatoes but are truly delicious with sweet chilli sauce.


1. Using a pestle and mortar, crush and mix together your curry paste ingredients until it forms a thick red paste.
2. Mix the fish, red curry paste and eggs into a bowl thoroughly until the mixture becomes sticky.
3. Add fish sauce, green beans, lime leaves and mix in well.
4. Heat a sauce pan on medium heat, half full with cooking oil.
5. Gently roll the mixture by hand into balls and flatten into a cookie shape.
6. Drop the fish cakes into the oil and leave to cook. When they’re cooked the fish cakes will float to the surface.
7. Serve with sweet chilli sauce and cucumber relish.