Valentine's weekend at home

A window to Thailand: Valentine's edition

You may associate Valentine’s as a Western tradition but this special day is celebrated widely throughout The Land of Smiles – Thailand.

Here in the UK, romantic things to do in the city are the usual ‘go-to’. In Thailand, many couples tie the knot officially at a district office on this day. One of the most popular destinations for this is Bangkok’s Bang Rak “district of love” or Bang Sue “district of honesty”. In the district Bang Rak, the city's most popular celebration location, thousands of couples wait for hours at the office to register their marriage. Here, district officials not only provide a Valentine’s day marriage registration service but also organise a lucky draw with impressive prizes including a “gold marriage certification” for 10 lucky couples. Each of these couples hopes to receive one of the gold marriage certificates, which will be given away only on Valentine’s day.

 In Thailand, a cruise along the Chao Phraya River and a visit to a spectacular rooftop bar is a popular way to enjoy the day if tying the knot isn't on the cards. With opulence at its finest and delectable Thai food menus for just two, Thailand is a real showstopper when it comes to all things love. Flower markets across Bangkok are b(l)ooming, especially on this day, especially around Pak Klong Talad – the biggest flower and vegetable market in Bangkok. As you would expect, other halves don’t hold back when it comes to flower bouquets, chocolate, and jewelry for their partners.

Although we can’t take you on a cruise, we are pushing the boat out (excuse the pun) this Valentine’s weekend by taking you on a culinary journey throughout Thailand, albeit in your own home! Our founder and chef, Khun Kim, has loving curated an exclusive Valentine’s tasting menu for just two. Although things may be different this year – love always wins.


This February, we’re proud to introduce our four-course tasting menu over Valentine’s weekend.


Boasting the most delicious Thai food on our a la carte menu such as our staple dish of Pad Thai, your choice of Thai Red Curry or Thai Green Curry and new Thai flavours for you to try – this indulgent menu is sure welcome romance to the table.

Thai’s don’t do things by half and neither do we. We consistently aim to deliver only the highest quality throughout our brand.  As a family-owned business, we put every ounce of love and passion into all that we do. A cornerstone of Chaophraya is to ‘care from the heart’ and how better to show this than throughout Valentine’s weekend? Our set menu for £65 (worth £85) is designed to share (don’t worry there’s more than enough for two!) You can read more about our Founder story and brand values here.

Thai food is best enjoyed ‘family-style’ throughout celebrations and occasions in Thailand. ‘Family-style’ is similar to a Thai banquet in which all dishes are placed in the centre of the table and enjoyed by all. Thus, meaning food envy doesn’t exist! Our carefully crafted banquet menus throughout our family of restaurants are available to enjoy when dining in one of our Chaophraya locations. For now, you can enjoy our Chaophraya at Home options through takeaway and delivery with Deliveroo and click and collect. Bringing flavours from the beating heart of Thailand to your door and delivering only the very best of what we have to offer. You can order our Valentine's four-course tasting menu for collection or delivery here between Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th February 2021 with limited availability only.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our Valentine’s tasting menu this Valentine’s weekend and look forward to welcoming you back into Chaophraya when it is safe to do so.


Team Chaophraya