Bartenders choice – Sustainability!

Our zero-waste cocktail is served

Now more than ever, consumers are more conscious of purchasing local produce, supporting independent businesses, and contributing towards a more sustainable production line (us included!) that’s why we’re taking part in Flor de Caña’s Zero Waste month - a full month of delicious sustainable cocktails made from repurposed food waste.

We’re doing our part in reducing food waste across Chaophraya to help make the world and greener and more sustainable place to live. We hope you’ll join us on our venture!

With an abundance of delicious recipes at hand across our venues throughout England and Scotland, we have ingredients at our disposal when it comes to cocktail making, it’s the perfect set up really.

This month, our creative mixologists have been shaking up a storm. With Flor de Caña 12 at the forefront of our minds, Black Thai Only was born. A delicious and sustainable Thai origin cocktail comprising of the perfect balance between Flor de Caña 12 rum, Velvet Falernum, chocolate bitters, lime and sugar. To ensure our sustainable cocktail is in fact helping fight climate change too, it is served in a chilled copper tanker, garnished with reposed citrus fruit which is dehydrated (because we’re bartenders of course) and placed on a dome of crushed ice.


Please note: many cocktails on our drinks menu are garnished with dehydrated fruit which not only looks great but helps contribute towards less waste too!


If you’re a newbie to Flor de Caña 12, expect sweet-caramel and a soft collection of spices on the nose and buttery vanilla on sipping. Our creative bar team have paired this Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified rum perfectly with our chocolate bitters and balanced it with a little squeeze of lime, just in line with summertime!

With 30 grams of wasted food reduced per cocktail, we hope you’ll join us at the bar to cheers to a brighter future.

Team Chaophraya