Join us underneath the blossom tree for a weekend of celebrating Songkran. At Chaophraya, we’re proud of our heritage and immerse ourselves in strong Thai traditions such as this.

It’s a time to refresh and celebrate new beginning as they reflect and bid farewell to the previous year. In Thai culture, it is viewed as a time for renewal and to cleanse any negativity away.

Streets are lined with spectators as they’re filled with bright, colourful parades and live music is played as people join together in traditional dances. There’s a particular focus on water during Songkran and the tradition has evolved into iconic water fights that happen on the streets in Thailand! Everyone is drenched as part of the celebration as locals and tourists come together in friendly water battles.

However it’s not just fun and games, as there’s also a rich culture that comes with Songkran. Temples host ceremonies and people come to pray during the festivities. It’s a time where communities come together as they embrace the spirit of Songkran.

Let the spirit of new beginnings and cultural unity inspire you as you welcome the new year with joy, prosperity and harmony.