Mother's Day with Chaophraya

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be done in many ways. In the UK, we celebrate Mother’s Day in March however in Thailand it is celebrated in the summer month of August.


In Thailand, Mother’s Day is a huge occasion and widely celebrated across the country, just as it is here. The Jasmine flower is a symbol used across many Mother’s Day events in Thailand and not just in its floral form. You may have heard of Jasmine tea, which we serve in our Chaophraya restaurants through brewing the loose leaves, and the fragrance is unmissable! With a distinct flavour, this variety of green tea is rumoured to speed up your metabolism!

The more recognisable use of this flower is through Jasmine rice which you can find accompanies many of our a la carte dishes.

This Mother’s Day we are focussing on Khun Kim, the Mother of our brand, and her signature dish.


Kim grew up in a rural village in Thailand albeit small, Kim’s dreams were big. From a young age, Kim would learn to cook traditional Thai food with her mum in their home kitchen. From Pad Gra Prao, Laab, traditional Thai curries and much more, Pad Thai was the shining star! Kim took this recipe, alongside her dreams, and ventured to the populous capital city, Bangkok. Starting her own Pad Thai cart doing only this dish, the word spread about Khun Kim’s Pad Thai recipe and this is now enjoyed widely across all of our Chaophraya restaurants.

We hope you enjoy.

Khun Kim and team Chaophraya