A banquet style experience

Our celebratory tasting menus are designed to eat ‘family-style’, which is the traditional Thai way of sharing. The principle is to give you the opportunity to try multiple dishes and different flavours all in one sitting.

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Ever wonder what it might be like to have all your favourite dishes in the same place at the same time? Our set menus give you the opportunity to do just that!

Just because they’re designed to share, doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on size. Our banquet menus give you more than enough choice to choose what you’re feasting on throughout your experience with us.

‘Family-style’ is ideal for those new to Thai cuisine as well as those who know what they love and simply can’t get enough! We have incorporated this style of dining into our Celebratory Tasting Menus available at all Chaophraya venues.

Chaophraya pad thai
Chaophraya celebrations
Chaophraya pad thai and green curry
Chaophraya chef and owner Kim

We’re focusing on ‘Togetherness’ in our collection of banquet menus which is aligned with one of our core company values, ‘Samakee’.

We think that this style of dining is perfect for this festive season. Whether you’re joining us for a date night for two, corporate lunch or family get together our banquet style menus are a fantastic option. They’re great for large parties as our traditional Thai food brings the whole party together however, they’re available for a minimum of two people so they’re also perfect for that quick shopping break in the beating heart of the city.

Across all our restaurants in the UK, our team sit down together and enjoy a family-style meal before every shift. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

In Thailand, these family-style meals are eaten in the way of taking spoonfuls at a time from each dish and dipping back in for more. Whilst you’re not given a plate just for yourself, you’re likely to each much more than usual (that’s why they’re so popular at Chaophraya and across the world!)

You won’t often find this option available throughout big cities, but at Chaophraya we strive to ensure no matter what the occasion we have banquet menus available for you.

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Team Chaophraya