Welcome to Curry Month with Chaophraya, a time to savor the aromatic and flavorful world of Thai curries! In this blog post, we'll embark on a culinary journey through Thailand, exploring the vibrant spectrum of Thai curries and learning about their distinctive characteristics. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover the magic of Thai curries!  


The Origins of Thai Curries 


Thai curries have a fascinating history that dates back centuries. They are believed to have been influenced by Indian and Chinese culinary traditions, with a Thai twist that includes the use of local ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. Over time, Thai curries have evolved into a distinctive and beloved part of Thai cuisine, from the world-famous Thai Green Curry to the sweeter end of the spectrum Massaman Curry.  

The Core Ingredients 

At the heart of any Thai curry are a few essential ingredients: 

Curry Paste 

Thai curry pastes are the building blocks of these dishes and are made from a blend of aromatic herbs and spices. The main types of Thai curry pastes include red, green, yellow, and Massaman, each with its unique combination of flavors and heat levels. 

Coconut Milk  

Creamy and rich, coconut milk is the base of most Thai curries. It balances the heat of the spices and adds a luscious texture to the dish. 


Thai curries can feature various proteins like chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, or vegetables. The choice of protein can dramatically affect the flavor and texture of the curry. 

Vegetables and Herbs  

Fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs like Thai basil, cilantro, and kaffir lime leaves are often added to Thai curries, providing freshness and complexity. 

Types of Thai Curries 

Thai Red Curry also known as ‘Gaeng Phed’ is a fiery curry, packed full of flavour. Red curry is made from red curry paste and features ingredients like coconut milk, meat or tofu, and vegetables. It's known for its bold spiciness and vibrant red hue. Gaeng Phed is a staple of Thai cuisine and is loved worldwide for its rich, aromatic flavors. Eager to learn how to make a traditional Thai Red Curry? Our Spring Rolls and Red Curry Cooking Masterclass is the ultimate destination to learn from Thai experts themselves. 

Thai Green Curry is the most famous of Thai Curries, being slightly more mild than red curry, it still packs a punch. Thai Green Curry gets its green color from fresh green chilies and herbs in the curry paste. It often includes Thai eggplants, bamboo shoots, and basil leaves. Enjoyable to eat from the comfort of your own home with Deliveroo or enhance the experience by visiting one of our Chaophraya restaurants to be wined and dined. 

Massaman Curry, on the sweeter end of the spectrum, is a unique Thai curry with influences from Persian and Indian cuisine. It's rich, creamy, and slightly sweet, often featuring tender chunks of beef, chicken, or lamb, along with potatoes and peanuts. At Chaophraya our Massaman Curry is made with lamb, with it being a softer more delicate meat it lends itself perfectly to this more aromatic dish! 

Panang Curry often characterized by its complex and balanced flavours, it combines elements of sweet, salty, spicy and savoury. The curry itself is thick and creamy, with a nutty undertone. It's made with Panang curry paste and typically includes meat or tofu, kaffir lime leaves, and peanuts. Our Panang Curry is made from beef, elevating the richness of this dish, making it the perfect choice for any food lover. 

Thai curries are a true celebration of flavours, combining the heat of spices, the creaminess of coconut milk, and the freshness of herbs and vegetables. This Curry Month, take your taste buds on a journey through the diverse world of Thai curries at Chaophraya. Whether you prefer the fiery kick of red curry or the soothing richness of Massaman, there's a Thai curry to satisfy every palate.  


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