Mushroom Tom Kha

Thai Mushroom Tom Kha Recipe

How to make a stunning Tom Kha

Thai Mushroom Tom Kha Recipe


tablespoon        Juice

Fresh Lime Cherry Punnet Birds Eye Red Milk (small tins) White Sugar 25kg LEAVES PKT CHILLI OIL mushroom Salt 2.5kg Galangal (Chinese Supermarket, thai food shop) Lemongrass Shimeji mushtooms, cherry tomatoes . milk, lemon grass, fresh chilli, galangal and bring to the boil and add the
lemon juice, fish sauce and sugar and then stir. Then add the mushrooms and
cherry tomatoes (Minimum 2/3minutes and no longer than 5 minutes) . water until boil add galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves and chilli mushroom, coconut milk, tomato boil until cook well Season with lime juice salt
and sugar to cook a minimum. cooked remove onto the bowl and garnish with coriander.


sprig     Coriander

4          Tomato

1          Chillies

11/2 cups         Coconut

1 teaspoon       Granulated

2 leaves           LIME

drizzle  SUREE

10        Shimeji

1 teaspoon       Cooking

2 slices Thai Tana

4 slices Thai Tana

1.         Prep the

2.         Coconut

3.         Heat the

4.         Add the

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